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Unity Party of America
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Welcome to the Unity Party!

The Unity Party of America is a social democratic party that believes in the Four Freedoms outlined by Franklin D. Roosevelt. These freedoms are freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. The Unity Party is working on all fronts to ensure that these values are upheld. We believe in the ideal of social democracy in one country, and we represent a third way different than the greed of capitalism and the lack of freedom in communism. Some of our inspirations include the New Deal, late Senator Huey Long, the welfare state, and the teachings of such people as Jesus Christ. We believe in the spirit of America and in the spirit of the common man. The 20th century was touted as the century of the common man, but it was not. It was a century of war, dictators, and general neediness. It was a century that gave birth to some of the most hateful movements of history. The Unity Party rejects the hatred of Nazis and communism for a belief in unity among all people in the nation. We want to work to make sure that the 21st century is really the century of the common man. The great thing is that you can involve yourself as well. That is what the Unity Party was created for.


Workers of the nation, unite!